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“What is better than free?you may ask?

Get a Commission Kickback Lowest Fee Real Estate Visa Gift Card Purchase a home using a Lowest Fee Real Estate Agent and receive a “Commission Kickback?of 20% of your agent’s net commission after the closing of your home purchase.

Unlike some other real estate companies offering a rebate or purchase incentive that require YOU to find the home yourself and have MANY restrictions, your Lowest Fee agent will gladly assist you in locating homes that meet your criteria, send you listings from the Multiple Listing Service (regardless of what broker is listing the property) and will show you as many homes as it takes until we find the home you are looking for.

You have the option of receiving your Commission Kickback at the time of purchase by allocating the funds towards your closing costs or buying your interest rate points to lower your percentage rate. Another option you have is to receive your Kickback in the form of a VISA Gift Card (after closing). Again, you will receive 20% of your agent’s net commission just for using a Lowest Fee Real Estate Agent to represent you in the purchase of your home and we will pay this on ANY home listed in the Multiple Listing Service and even a For Sale By Owner purchase as long as the seller is paying a commission.

We provide all the services you expect, coordinating all transactions from start to finish. Providing customized home searches, scheduling all showings of homes, along with writing and negotiating all sales contracts. We’ll also guide you through the appraisal, financing and home inspections process!

Are you unfamiliar with real estate commissions?

The bottom-line regarding real estate commissions from a Buyers perspective is that the buyer comes up with the money to purchase the home but the seller pays for real estate commissions (in most cases or on most occasions). Yes, typically the seller pays most if not all of your agents?commissions if the seller has signed a listing agreement. So your “Buyers Agent?who has been assisting you through the home buying process will ultimately be paid (if there is a listing agreement) by the Seller’s net proceeds. These facts have generated the arguable saying: “Free Agent Representation?

There is no set fee for broker commissions. The commissions for each listed home on the Multiple Listing Service (a.k.a MLS or NWMLS) will vary depending on what the seller negotiated with the listing agent. This unknown amount is not posted for the public viewing. Listing agreements often include paying for both agents involved in a transaction, representing the seller (a.k.a. “Listing Agent?or “Sellers Agent? and the buyer (a.k.a “Buyer’s agent? “Selling Office Agent?“SOC Agent?. On some rare occasions there is only one agent involved, this is situation is called “Duel Agency? Lowest Fee charges only 4% (1.5% to the Listing Agent 2.5% to the Buyer’s Agent).

“What are the duties of a Buyer’s Agent?/strong> you may ask? This agent has a fiduciary responsibility to look after your best interest. This often includes but not limited to providing you listing information on homes for sale / custom home searches, scheduling all showings of homes and driving from house to house getting you into view the homes for sale, writing and negotiating all sales contracts and any other paperwork involved, guide, assist and recommendations through the appraisal, financing and home inspections. Lowest Fee does all this and more!!!

“How many homes are sold through professional real estate brokers / agents?/strong> you may ask? 2010 sales indicate a possible 91%! According to the National Association of Realtors, FSBOs accounted for 9% of home sales in 2010. Lowest Fee Agents are all licensed real estate professionals and also members of the MLS. (Cooperating with all other licensed brokers within the State of Washington).

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